Know Your Core—Know Your Soul: Live Your Best Intuitive Life

Alex Laws' Live, Love, and Laugh principles come alive in his speaking framework, bringing action steps that are designed to uplift the human condition, generate confidence, and help channel the true essence of your core wisdom, strength, and intuition.

A cancer survivor and business owner, endurance athlete, and motivational speaker, Alex has created successful methods to deal with the ups and downs of corporate and personal life, all while remaining true to his passion and compelling desire to inspire and work with others through sport and intuitive development.

Current speaking topic

Intuition: It’s not what you THINK

Trusting your own decisions  |  Timing life’s opportunities  |  Leadership from your gut

  • Learn to listen to the inside by learning to pause on the inside
  • The world is set up to bombard you with information. YOU are designed with tools to breakdown and trust your gut feeling.
  • Intuition is that little whisper that lets you follow instinct over fact
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Super Motivating
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Bill Dickey, Morel Ink

Great insight and super motivating he talks in a way you start listening to your gut. Alex owns the space and shares an amazing gift

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Wow! Nothing more to say
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Deide Rodriguz, Chevron

He has lived what he speaks about and knows his stuff

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Simply the Best
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Ed Mclarty, Portland running founder

One of the most inspiring speakers and athletes I have come across. We have had Alex at several events.

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Sells out every time
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Yvette Hubbard, Zenergy Health Club director of activities

Alex has worked with our members for 12 years and sells out every time for group training and motivation. He is my go to for speaking or workshop.

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A top speaker
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Pirie Grossman, Sun Valley Wellness board director

Motivating and fun Alex was a top speaker at the Sun Valley Wellness festival for several years and even held a workshop that was always a success.

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Energy and Motivation
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Sabina Dana Plasse, Editor SVPN

If you want energy and motivation, Alex is the ticket. We dedicated part of our magazine to his work and love working with him. Issues October, November and December 2019.