Alex Laws holding flowers
Meet Alex Laws

Alex Laws—business owner and leader, endurance athlete, cancer survivor, trusted advisor to CEO’s and leaders. At his core the ability to utilize his intuition to help others at all levels.

He writes and speaks from the ups and downs of life, working to develop both mentally and physically confident human beings.

Individuals, small family businesses, and large corporations look to Alex to tap into his intuition and work with them to bring the perspective to optimize the potential that lies within.

"Surprises happen along life’s journey to take you to new places. If you set your mind on something and then do what it takes to make it happen, you may find yourself moving in a whole different direction than what you thought was possible."

Alex Laws has competed in more than 17 Ironman Triathlons, over 40 marathons and the Ultraman Hawaii three times. A featured speaker and teacher at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival” on intuition and tapping in. Alex through intuition and business experiences as well as from competing in Ironman Triathlons, living as a cancer survivor, and an inventor of a unique relaxation cycling class, Rythmatic Meditation finds the equations that work. Laws has the knowledge to relate to many people and their own human condition sharing ways to assist others to listen inside and trust their intuitive direction. Working together we put two heads together and allow the trust to work for the highest good.

Alex completed the 170-mile, self-supported Grand to Grand race over seven days, which he completed finishing in the top third of the competitor field. Continuing to reach new heights in challenging himself and pushing the limits, Laws inspires many who find themselves unsure about where to start or how to move forward. It is never lonely at the top when Alex Laws is onboard.

Let's put two heads together, from the internal and external perspectives, to optimize your potential
and the direction of those you are leading.

It is time to take back your life and live it for the highest good.